Air pollutants emissions measurements

Air pollutants emissions measurements

Professional emissions measurements across Poland

Air pollutants emissions measurements

Measurements of emissions of waste gases and pollutants into the aira

he ENVILAB-EKO laboratory offers a very wide range of measurements, accredited by the PCA, of exhaust gases to the atmosphere.

Thanks to the most modern measuring equipment and an experienced team of specialists, we successfully provide services for renowned Polish and international companies related to mandatory and cyclical measurements of gas emissions into the atmosphere.

We are distinguished not only by professionalism and advanced technology, but by care for quality, compliance with applicable law, and timeliness of our studies.

Measurement range

Measurement range of gas and dust emissions to the atmosphere

  1. Measurement of the exhaust gas volume flow for dynamic pressure
    • damming method for dynamic pressure > 10 Pa
    • anemometric method in the speed ranges from 0.6 to 40 m/s.
  2. Measurement of dust concentration and emissions in waste gases using the gravimetric method according to PN-Z-04030-7:1994
  3. Measurement of concentration in exhaust gases according to PN-ISO 10396:2001
    • Sulfur dioxide (SO2), method of nondispersive infrared spectrometry (NDiR)
    • Carbon monoxide (CO), nondispersive infrared spectrometry (NDiR) method
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) by nondispersive infrared spectrometry (NDiR)
    • Oxygen (O2), paramagnetic method (PMD)
    • Nitrogen oxides (NOx expressed as NO2) chemiluminescent method (CLD)
  4. Sampling of hydrogen chloride (HCl) according to PN-EN 1911:2011
  5. Sampling of hydrogen fluoride (HF) according to ISO 15713:2006

6. Measurement of the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC), total organic carbon (TVOC) by the method of continuous flame ionization detection (FiD) according to PN-EN 12619:2013

7. Sampling for the determination of metals in waste gases according to PN-EN 14385:2005

8. Sampling for the determination of total mercury (Hg) in waste gases according to PN-EN 13211+AC:2006

9. Sampling for the determination of the concentration of individual gaseous organic compounds by gas chromatography according to PN-EN 13649:2005.

10. Sampling for the determination of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide concentrations according to our own procedures.


ENVILAB-EKO measuring equipment

We have the latest models of devices designed to conduct measurements with reference methodologies:

  • Dust meters
  • Analyzers
  • TVOC analyzers
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Chromatographs

Thanks to the back-up facility in the form of an analytical laboratory – we perform chromatographic and spectrophotometric analyzes on our own.

We also offer professional on-site visits and defining measuring sections.

We also carry out tests in the field of determining the content of the fractional composition of dust with the granulometric method using a laser particle meter (including PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10) – in accordance with the PN EN ISO 13320:2020 standard.

Particulate matter (PM), the main component of smog, is one of the most dangerous air pollutants. Solid particles or liquid droplets floating in the air may be of natural origin (e.g. volcanic ash, mineral ash) or caused by human activity (dust generated in the process of fuel combustion, production processes, extraction and distribution of fossil fuels, waste management).

We mainly distinguish two fractions of suspended dust: PM2.5 consisting of particles up to 2.5 μm in diameter and PM10 with particles up to 10 μm in diameter. Less frequent in the air is PM1.0 dust with particles with a diameter of up to 1 μm.

The smallest particles easily penetrate the bronchi and the upper respiratory tract. The first noticeable effects of too long exposure to dust are cough, asthma, respiratory diseases, allergies, shortness of breath and eye diseases. Prolonged breathing of polluted air can cause chronic lung diseases and cancers of the respiratory system.

Do you urgently need measurements?

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