Non-laser optical radiation

Non-laser optical radiation

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Non-laser optical radiation

Non-laser optical radiation – measurements

In 2022 ENVILAB-EKO laboratory has been accredited for measuring non-laser optical radiation at workplaces. The most common source of radiation are either technological processes or the side effects of human activities performed during his work – e.g. during welding. With too long exposure to this factor, tissues like eyes and skin can be damaged.

The optical radiation test consists of measuring the exposure and assessing the MAE value (Maximum Allowable Exposure). The MAE values (expressed as irradiance-E or irradiance-H value) represent the maximum level of radiation to which the eye or skin can be exposed without the resulting injury, whether it occurs immediately or only over a long period of time.

Types of radiation:

UVA, UVB, UVC – germicidal lamps, fluorescent lamps, medium and high pressure UV mercury lamps, deuterium lamps, xenon lamps, flaw detectors, ATM testers

VIS – offset copiers, photocopiers

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