Mechanical vibrations tests

Mechanical vibrations tests

Professional vibration measurements

Mechanical vibrations tests


Mechanical vibrations tests

Mechanical vibrations are nothing else than the movement of elastic medium particles in relation to their equilibrium. Vibrations spread in every medium – especially solids and liquids. However, usually, in a work environment we deal with vibrations in solid centers.

Mechanical vibrations cannot be avoided. They arise in technological and productions processes, and are caused by rotating, oscillating and other types of machines and devices. Operating these machines or being in the vicinity of these machines exposes workers to mechanical vibrations.

Staying in the vicinity of vibrations and oscillations for a long time carries a number of health hazards for the human body. Vibrations can be a serious threat even to the life of employees.

What is the impact of mechanical vibrations on human health?

First, the type of vibration should be distinguished. The basic criterion for classification is the place of penetration of vibrations into the body. Therefore, we distinguish vibrations having a general impact, penetrating through the legs, back or sides. We also distinguish local vibrations (usually on the upper limbs).

Vibrations have a negative effect on the vascular, bone, joint and nervous systems.

The most common disease determined by exposure to vibration is vibration sickness. It is usually characterized by paroxysmal spasms of blood vessels, paling fingers, degeneration of joints, calcification of joint capsules, or even changes in the periosteum.


ENVILAB-EKO measuring equipment

Our ENVILAB-EKO workplace environment laboratory conducts measurements of mechanical vibrations using the SV111 mechanical vibrations calibrator manufactured by SVANTEK.

Thanks to this device, we can easily measure the amplitude of vibrations in three axes, their frequency and acceleration. Measurements are conducted in accordance with ISO 8041, PN-EN ISO 5349 and PN-EN 1253+A1

We make measurements in Wroclaw and all over Poland.

Legal provisions

Standards and legal provisions specifying how the mechanical vibration tests are to be conducted:

Mechanical vibration measurements performed by the ENVILAB-EKO laboratory are based on the legal basis. We perform measurements according to the following standards:

  • PN-EN ISO 5349-1:2004 – Mechanical vibrations – Measurement and determination of human exposure to vibrations transmitted by the upper limbs – Part 1: General requirements
  • PN-EN ISO 5349-2:2004 – Mechanical vibrations – Measurement and determination of human exposure to vibrations transmitted by the upper limbs – Part 2: Practical guidelines for measurements at the workplace
  • PN-EN 14253+A1:2011 – Mechanical vibrations – Measurement and calculation of occupational exposure to vibrations with a general effect on the human body for the purposes of health protection – Practical guidelines
  • Polish Directive 2002/44/EC of the European Parliament and Council on the minimum requirements for the protection of health and safety regarding the exposure of workers to the risk caused by physical agents.

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